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Old Tavern, Grafton, Vermont

Old Tavern, Grafton, Vermont

In 1801, Mr. Enos Lovell, convinced that people were looking for a place that provided good food and lodging, converted his two-story private home to an inn. The building still stands as part of The Old Tavern. As Grafton prospered so did The Tavern. By the time it was taken over by Hyman Burgess in 1823, it had doubled in size.

The Old Tavern offers every amenity neccessary, you won't find a telephone or a TV set in your room. The reason for this is that people come to Grafton and The Old Tavern to find peace and quiet.

The Old Tavern has 11 rooms in the main building, and an additional 19 in Windham and Homestead cottages. There are four guest houses as well, sleeping from six to ten people (guest houses feature full kitchens). Antique furnishing throughout The Old Tavern, the cottages and guest quarters

Private meeting rooms are also available in The Old Tavern for business groups, weddings, or private gatherings for up to 50 people.

Old Tavern at Grafton
92 Main Street
Grafton, VT 05146
Old Tavern, Grafton VT


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