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Marble Mansion, Fair Haven, Vermont

Marble Mansion, Fair Haven, Vermont

The property on which the Inn now stands was first acquired in 1805 by Christopher Minot and Catherine Cutler (his mistress and later, his wife). They constructed a large wooden building to be used as a resort "and a place of musical entertainment."

The property changed hands several times before it was finally acquired by the Allen family in 1866. It was Ira C. Allen who decided to build a "grand home of marble" to show off his prosperity. The blocks of marble were brought to town in rough form and shaped by native craftsmen. Each piece was numbered, and assembled over a two year period, with the house being completed in 1868.

The house remained in the Allen family until 1975.

The inn faces the town green and has 16 guest rooms

Marble Mansion, Fair Haven VT

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