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Old Cutter Inn, East Burke, Vermont

Old Cutter Inn, East Burke, Vermont

The Old Cutter Inn, circa 1845, was originally a farmhouse. Around the beginning of this century, the farm was purchased by Elmer Darling, the original owner of the Burklyn Mansion of East Burke and the owner of the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York City. The new owner added a large, sturdy three-story barn and a carriage house. Both are still standing today, and the carriage house has been converted into modern rooms that are now part of the inn's accommodations.

Heated, in-ground swimming pool, or try the nearby lakes.

The Inn offers nine comfortable and quiet rooms, five with private bath, plus an "Apartment Suite" complete with fireplace and full kitchen.

Old Cutter Inn, Mountain Access Road
RR1, Box 62, East Burke,
VT 05832-9707
Old Cutter Inn, East Burke VT

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