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Shaker Inn, Enfield New Hampshire

Shaker Inn, Enfield, New Hampshire

The Shaker Inn was built in 1837-1841, the Great Stone Dwelling is the largest main dwelling ever built by a Shaker community. Today it is a 24 room inn offering a glimpse into the Shaker way of life.

Furnished with historically correct Shaker style furniture, the original sleeping chambers incorporate modern comforts, including private baths. The inn, with its Shaker inspired cuisine, meeting rooms once used by "families", extensive grounds, adjacent granite, marble and stained glass chapel combine with the Enfield Shaker Museum to make an interesting experience.

The Shaker Inn at the Great Stone Dwelling is operated by Historic Inns of New England

Shaker Inn,
447 Rte. 4A, Enfield, NH 03748
Shaker Inn, Enfield NH


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