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Casselman Hotel, Grantsville, Maryland

Casselman Hotel, Grantsville, Maryland

The Casselman Hotel is a 19th century hostelry, built in 1824 by Solomon Sterner to serve travelers on the National Road. Each room in the original two-story Federal brick house contained a fireplace. The fireplaces were the only source of heat and cooking. All bricks were handmade on the land nearby and much of the woodwork is hand-hewn timbers and hand-planed boards. One of the most beautiful pieces is the cherry hand rail ascending to the third floor. All nine rooms are individually decorated with antiques.

The most recent addition to The Casselman is the 40 room Motor Inn located just behind. In keeping with the original historic inn and restaurant, all furniture was hand-crafted by local members of the community and the Millers themselves, obtaining the most relaxed "home" feeling possible. In addition, each room contains a private bath and television.

The Casselman Hotel,
PO Box 299, 113 East Main Street (Alt. US 40),
Grantsville, MD 21536
Casselman Hotel, Grantsville MD


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