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Gunter Hotel, Frostburg, MD

Gunter Hotel, Frostburg, MD

Failingers Hotel Gunter, built in 1896 by William R. Percy and his son-in-law Gladstone Hitchens, opened New Year's Day 1897 as the Hotel Gladstone. This grand hotel boasted 100 rooms, a cafe, a barbershop, and a sample room for displaying traveling salesmen's wares. Guests were attended by bellboys in brown uniforms with smoked pearl buttons and a chef from New York.

In 1986, The Hotel Gunter was purchased by The Failinger family. Because of its state of disrepair, the Hotel required intensive renovations. The first piece of renovation is the massive stairway that greets you when you walk through the doors. Although the stairway was covered with several coats of paint, it has been returned to its natural oak beauty.

The 5th floor observatory is being renovated, and will be opened to the public at a later date. On a clear day you can see the mountain ranges of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

17 hotel rooms and 18 apartments. Rooms are furnished in Victorian style to compliment the history of the hotel. Each room has been decorated individually. The hotel also offers the modern conveniences of air conditioning, remote cable television, an elevator, and sprinkler systems.

Gunter Hotel, 11 West Main Street
Gunter Hotel, Frostburg MD

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