Good Hotels Guide is a new concept in the presentation of information on hotels, using a map based format.

To date most directories have been lists of hotels, with the directory attempting to make money by acting as a booking agent and earning commission. This has meant that the end user has not been given direct access to the hotel of their choice, and has not been given the hotel's URL

Good Hotels Guide gives a direct link to the hotels, and does not seek any booking commission. Instead Good Hotels Guide will earn its money by charging hotels for entry to the guide

The Guide is being built, and we have not been seeking remuneration as it builds, but will be adding and subtracting hotels on a paid basis from now on.

However we have been approached by a number of hotels to add their details, we are happy to do this at the rate of £100 (about $150) per entry per year, if your hotel has been missed out, you want your country and hotel added sooner rather than later, or you want details we hold changed. We are happy to accommodate you for the £100 fee (about $150).

If you email us indicating that you have read this page and are willing to pay the fee inclusion/alteration fee then we will straight away make the necessary changes.

E-mail Good Hotels Guide if you want to take advantage of this offer

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