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Good Hotels USA

This site forms part of a series for accommodation throughout the world

It covers the whole world other than this specialist site for America and Europe. If you follow the link, you will get a list of the countries of the world and a map. There are then links to individual countries and an interactive map for that country. The format is the same as for this American site with red dots for individual properties and a split screen with giving a link to an abstract and a photograph, plus a link to the lodgings own web site.

For example if you want to go to Australia, then follow Australia. This will give you a map of Australia, click on the state you want, up it comes with the red dots where accomodations are located. Click on that for the details, or where there is a larger red dot, particularly with cities, the map link will take you to another more detailed page with information on all the properties within the city. If you are visiting England try a good Cornwall hotel Cornwall hotel